Flulet : iPhonify the page you are reading

Cliquez ici pour la version française

Flulet is a bookmarklet for iPhone users (mainly), that provides the functionnality that you can see in the address bar in standard browsers :

Flulet redirects you to the feed of the website you are reading, so you can read it far more easily with your iPhone embedded reader.

There are two ways to install this bookmarklet :

Straight way: To install the bookmarklet, just drag this image Flulet to your Safari or Firefox bookmarks bar, IE users should right click and choose “Add To Favorites…” After adding the link, sync your iPhone.

Geek way: With your iPhone, you can as well click on this image Flulet, bookmark the 404 page and then modify the bookmark address to delete the beginning of the address (http://baignoire.blogspot.com/) and keep only the text from javascript....

Then, you just have to test and enjoy : when you are on a blog or a website with a feed file, just open Flulet bookmark and you will be redirected to the feed.

Flulet source code is available here

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